Ordering & Sizing

Ordering Standard Size

Please note that standard sizes are not made to fit your individual measurements. If you order a dress/skirt or other product, you may need to arrange alterations (Alteration Services) (at your cost) to tailor to your desired fit, which at a minimum will include an alteration to the hem. 

You confirm that you have elected to order your wedding dress/skirt or other product in the size you selected online. We are able to assist you to choose appropriate standard size in centimeters. Please contact us. We are here to help.

Once You have placed your Order in Standard size, we start the production. Please be sure You selected a right size. See the size charts:

For skirts:

Size 32: Waist 63.5 cm| Hips 91 cm
Size 34: Waist 66 cm | Hips 93.5 cm
Size 36: Waist 68.5 cm | Hips 96 cm
Size 38: Waist 71 cm | Hips 98.5 cm
Size 40: Waist 73.5 cm | Hips 101 cm
Size 42: Waist 76 cm | Hips 105 cm
Size 44: Waist 80 cm | Hips 109 cm
Size 46: Waist 84 cm | Hips 113 cm
Size 48: Waist 88 cm | Hips 117 cm

For dresses:

Bust - Waist - Hips
[Size 32]: 84 cm | 63.5 cm | 91 cm
[Size 34]: 86.5 cm | 66 cm | 93.5 cm
[Size 36]: 89 cm | 68.5 cm | 96 cm
[Size 38]: 91.5 cm | 71 cm | 98.5 cm
[Size 40]: 94 cm | 73.5 cm | 101 cm
[Size 42]: 96.5 cm | 76 cm | 105 cm
[Size 44]: 100.5 cm | 80 cm | 109 cm
[Size 46]: 104 cm | 84 cm | 113 cm
[Size 48]: 108 cm | 88 cm | 117 cm

Ordering Custom size

Once you have placed your Order and selected Custom size, we will send You (in 24 hours from the Order date) a measurement form to fill. Please be sure to write the correct email address placing the order. These measurements You have to fill and send us back to email info@innamoratabridal.com in one week from the Order date. You take all responsibility about the measurements because we will make a Product according these measurements. 
Making a custom size order we do our best to get a perfect fit. Note, that there might be needed some alterations.

Split Size or Extra length

If you fit into more than one set size category, we may offer to split different parts of the wedding dress/skirt into different sizes (Split Size) or if You need Extra length please contact us. You acknowledge that we may not be able to provide a Split Size or Extra length due to design and fabric restrictions.

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When you place an Order for a Product and pay us the Order Price, we agree to provide you with the Product that you have ordered in accordance with these Terms.